Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time to Get Back In The Game.

Hi folks.. After an extended absence it is now past time for us to start communicating again. Like most of you I have been paying attention to race between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. Not suprisingly, that tone of the campaign has taken a sharp turn toward the ugly with the criticisms getting sharper and he subtext of race gusing to the fore. During the most recent show/debate the "good" Senator from Arizona referred to Obama as " that one". I don't know about you but that phrase took me back to a time when the one in the phrase could have easily been replaced with the " N" word.
Many supporters of Senator Obama have started to prematurely express victory. However I would remind those who are so inclined that the "jury is still out" and America continues to grapple with the prospect of whether or not the nation is ready to hand the reins to a person of color. The polls are encouraging but the margin is not substantial enough as of yet to guarantee victory.
There is a growing concern among some that electronic voting has some fundamental weaknesses that will show themselves. In fact, there are already indications that a massive nationwide push is underway to disenfranchise scores of mostly minority voters.These efforts need to be met with an informed electorate.
These are trying times for the nation with the way out belonging to those who practice the lost art of clear thinking. In the meantime, fasten your seatbelts and brace for turbulence.
I hadn't planned on writing so much but it has been a while since we communicated.
I have several questions for you. Will the economy get worse be fore it gets better?

Will the nation overcome racial fear and predjuidice and elect Barack Obama?

Are you confident that the voting process will be transparent and free of
glitches that could impact the results?

Let, Communicate

Time to Get Back In The Game.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Let The Dialogue Resume..

As many of you know. GW returned to the airwaves this past Saturday From 3pm est to 5pm. The show repeated on Sunday morning fron 9am to 11. It was great becoming reacquainted with many of You and as always we got some new people on board. We raised several questions. Among them was one that merits continued discussion If Obama if not the Democratic nominee, will you express your displeasure by sitting out the election? It seems that one side of this equation would love for you to stay home ,while other is counting on you turning out in large numbers in the general election.. Let me .add something else to your plate ( smile). Do you think the campaign will get even nastier in the coming weeks? It is great to be able to speak to so many wonderful people.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Time Is Near

I had been hesitant to tell you what is going on with the return of the show. However , it appears that GW returns to the airwaves the last week of this month. As you might imagine, there are technical considerations that must be done correctly in order to present you with the quality of programming that you deserve. I am chomping at the proverbial " bit" to engage in conversation and intellectual uplifting for all concerned including the host .Thanks for your patience and your support. In the meantime " I bid you peace and urge you to walk softly.....GW

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fasten Your Seat Belts

It is starting to resemble a 12 round boxing match. In the earlier rounds Obama did the political equivalent of the " Ali Shuffle " while confounding Hillary . However as we get into what some describe as the " Championship Rounds" the earlier body shots delivered by Clinton are showing that they are having effect. In other words Obama is going to have to dig into the reserve tank to recapture his earlier energy level. " Yes We Can" must become " Yes I Am ( ready to throwdown).
In spite of the best efforts of some to ignore the issue of race, this 800 pound Gorilla will not leave the room and must be adressed. How will the Democratic National Committee deal with perhaps it's most loyal constituency ifHillary Clinton is given the nomination in a brokered convention? If Obama is " dogged ( so to speak) by the DNC will African American voters support the party choice or express their displeasure by staying home or voting GASP! Republican? If the DNC doesn't already have enough on its plate there is loud murmur coming from members of The Congressional Black Caucus who are not happy about the choices that theDNC makes in choosing vendors, consultants, pollsters and others who are vital to the operation of the Democratic Party. I f You haven't guessed by now, CBC members and others are not pleased with the scarcity of African American in key positions. When the question came up, The DNC was quick to point out that there are at least four African Americans in key positions . That response did nothing to assuage dues paying lawmakers who feel that they deserve a little more " bang for their buck"

Like it or not the candidacy of Barrack Obama will force us to take a close critical look at The Democratic National Committee and it's relationship with African Americans. The coming weeks and months promise to be quite revealing and undoubtedly will show the ugly side of electoral politics.
African American voters have a lot to consider as we look at the Democratic Party and it"s standard bearers. Will we follow the party or our intelligence.? These questions must be answered. In the meantime, You will notice that the " FASTEN SEAT BELT sign is on and will stay on as we approach real turbulence.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Status Update

I am eternally grateful for the many expresssions of support and encouragement that I have gotten from so many It means a lot.. I have had some meaningful conversations with XM and it appears that the show will soon be returning to the airwaves. I will let everyone know exactly when the deal is signed. There is also a internet show in the works In other words " You Can't Keep A good Man Down. " When we reconnect we have so much catching up to do.
Let's talk about the type of things that You want delve into.
I could not resist engaging you in a question about the Democratic Race for the Party nomination.
If Obama is ultimately selected to be standard bearer for the Democrats , will a considerable amount of his white and GOP support walk away?

Will Hilary Clinton walk away from her campaign if she doesnt win Ohio or Texas? What if there is a split in these contests?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Forward To The Main Event

Depending on who you talk to, The Democratic race for The Presidential nomination is a done deal and that Senator Obama will get the party nod. That may be how things work out. However there is still a lot of time and anything can happen.
For the sake of this conversation, I am curious about your thoughts on the possibility of a Black President Of The United States. What would be different and how? Will a large percentage of White voters go in a different direction when confronted with the actual possibility that their vote could result in putting person of color into the nation's highest office?
When you look at Senator Mccain do you see a formidable candidate or one that Republicans will reluctantly support for the sake of party unity.